Figments Exhibition

If you follow me on social media you couldn’t have missed me banging on about a zine I published recently called Figments. A project that I worked on for two years which culminated in a book of 34 photographs (at the time of writing I have 5/100 copies left). Figments is a personal look at that brief second of subconscious awareness between being asleep and awake… Inspired by the work of W.B. Yeats and is really a little peep into my head (if you dare!).

The good folk at Middletown Coffee Co. in my home town of Ballymena approached me offering the coffee shop as an exhibtion space for the project, which was nice of them! (They make a mean V60 btw). 

According to my Instagram and Google Analytics stats, most of you who read this and follow me are either in London or the USA, so I thought I would let you see some pictures of the show so you too can experience it! (No coffee provided though I’m afraid)…

Anyway, I hope you get the idea and enjoy! 

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